24 Seven Days is a market place/ aggregator of Service Providers/ Experts and is engaged into the business of online On Demand Service such as Home Appliances Repair, CCTV and Security System, Computer and Information and many more. It will provide a common platform to connect Experts and Customers via mobile application, website and over call so that Customer can book a service and Expert can provide his services. 24 Seven Days establishes relationships with Experts of all types of services, who can provide A-One class service to 24 Seven Days Customers.

Experts is desirous of contracting with 24 Seven Days to become and remain a part of 24 Seven Days preferred Expert list.

Whereas, 24 Seven Days is desirous of contracting for Expert’s services.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the business opportunities provided to Expert by being on 24 Seven Days preferred Expert list, as described herein in further detail, and in further consideration of the promises, covenants and agreements, it is hereby agreed by both the Parties here to as follows:

1. SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED BY EXPERTS: Expert and his associates shall provide above mentioned services to customers as are usually provided by them in their independent business. Expert and/ or his associate will be receiving request for work from Customers through 24 Seven Days Web Portal/ Mobile App or 24 Seven Days Customer/Vendor service. Expert and/ or his associates will accept the request (if available) and confirm to serve at customer’s provided address and time. Expert and his associates also undertake to provide the above said service as per the request of customer. Expert and his associate agree to provide exemplary service, with Customer’s complete satisfaction being the ultimate goal. Expert’s exemplary service will be measured, among other factors, by Customer’s satisfaction, and his ability to work with 24 Seven Days. Expert agrees to provide service to all of 24 Seven days Customers with out prejudice. Also, Expert and his associate agree to use eco-friendly/ certified cleaning, certified repair service agents or home appliances, computer, computer peripherals, software, modern Equipment & machinery.

2. DURATION OF AGREEMENT: This Agreement shall become effective once signed by both Parties, and shall continue. Thereafter, this agreement has to be resigned on new vendor terms and conditions.

3. RATE AND WARRANTY: Expert and his associates agree to provide services to 24 Seven days Customers at the rates and warranty agreed upon and set forth by https://24sevendays.com (Rate list and warranty attached with booking).

4. FAILURE TO PERFORM: Expert and his associates agree to provide additional services with no extra charges needed to correct, repair, re-service, if the services provided by Expert and his associates were not provided to customer’s satisfaction. Also, Expert and/or his associates shall solely be responsible for any damage of Customer’s property and should provide the compensation to Customer as demand. Expert and his associates acknowledge that his and his associates’ failure to perform as contracted whether due to quality of service, timely service, or other failure to perform may severely impact 24 Seven Days business. Accordingly, if Expert and his associates accept the job and fail to reach on time, a penalty fee of Rupees 200/- (Including GST) will be charged from him. Apart from rendering insufficient or poor service for which Expert would be liable to refund or re-service/ penalty, Expert and his associates shall be solely responsible and liable for any other illegal act, omission, commission or misconduct in accordance to law. Also, if Expert or his associates get 3 bad reviews (3 or below 3 star), or found any fraud case, order bypass, false comment, order without bill process, he shall no longer receive the order and this contract shall be deemed void and company will block login vendor id,  after this type of case company will not consider any type of refund or id re activation.

5. BACKGROUND VERIFICATION: It is the responsibility of service provider/ expert/ company to perform the background/ police verification of his associates/ helpers/ experts going on his behalf. Expert/ Service Provider/Company shall solely be responsible and liable for any criminal or civil illegal act, omission, commission or misconduct in accordance to law. Additionally, 24 Seven Days would also be entitled to get the antecedents verified of Expert. And, Expert acknowledges & approves the said right.

6. CONFIDENTIALITY: Both the Parties to the present agreement shall maintain confidentiality in every possible manner.

7. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: Both the Parties agree that the relationship created by this Agreement is that of Independent Contractor, and not that of employee and employer. Expert shall furnish duly qualified persons to provide the services under this Agreement, which persons shall at all times be either employees or subcontractors of Expert. Expert and his associates are already self-employed and their relationship with 24 seven Days under the present agreement would be master & servant nor employer & employee in any manner whatsoever and it is purely business relationship. Therefore, the provision of Labor Laws such as PF, ESI or any type accidental claim etc. would not apply. It would be purely call to call basis relationship to provide services and has no element of permanency beyond the scope of this present Agreement.

8. DISPUTES AND ARBITRATION: In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the users and 24sevendays.com, the Parties shall mutually try to resolve such disputes and differences amicably and in good faith through mediation and conciliation within 15 days of the said dispute or difference or within such extended period as the Parties may mutually agree upon in writing. However, in the event such dispute/differences cannot be amicably resolved, as aforesaid, then the same shall be referred to the arbitration of a sole Arbitrator to be nominated by the 24 Seven Days and acceptable to the user whose decision shall be binding on both the Parties. The arbitration proceedings shall be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory amendments/modifications thereto for the time being in force and the place of Arbitration shall be Delhi.

9. RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY: Expert acknowledges that if he or any of his associates involved in any criminal or civil illegal act, omission, commission or misconduct in accordance to law, he shall solely be responsible and 24 Seven Days shall not be liable for the same.

INTENDING TO BE LEGALLY BOUND, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed by their duly authorized representatives, effective as of the date first above written.

Last Update, Date 27th. April-2020