terms and conditions

The terms and conditions that are listed below are applicable for all the services provided by 24SevenDays.Com. It is required by you to read the terms and conditions before continuing to the site or services.

By accepting the terms and conditions you give us the permission

(a) “24SevenDays.Com” use your personal information for offer or promotional purpose.
(b) To store your information purely for business purpose.
(c) To invite you to participate in contests and other consumer awareness programs.

By allowing you access to our site we are giving you the right to

(a) Access information related to our 24 Seven Days and service offering.
(b) Avail the offers and discounts that we will be introducing from time to time through the newsletter or promotional mails.
(c) Use our content in a manner that it is not considered violation of content copyright.

Terms and Definitions

(a) ‘User’ means any person (individual or company) who uses our website; however, may or may not carry a transaction.
(b) ‘Consumer’ means any individual who consumes our service having subscribed to it.

Service Terms

(1) Keep your bill from till repair warranty end for future repair warranty process. 24 Seven Days will not consider repair warranty without bill/cash memo.
(2) When the customer is transferred to another location or move product other address. The repair warranty will not be considered.
(3) Service vendors provide bill/cash memo/invoice the own company to the customer, but the “order id” on the bill/cash memo is mandatory, order id that you have received on registered mobile number while booking.
(4) If the customer does not avail the service after inspection, visit and inspection will be charged according to mention rate card.
(5) If the same part failure in the “24 Seven Days” repair warranty period, then you should contact “24SevenDays.Com” 91 89200 39005.
(6) Under (24 SEVEN DAYS) repair warranty order will be resolved 18 to 24 working hours.
(7) If the customer provides the spare parts himself then visits and labor charge will be payable, no warranty of repair is valid.
(8) No warranty of Accessories, cables, wires, plastic, rubber parts, adapters and burning, breakage.
(9) Product/spare parts warranty is subject to manufacturer parameters, not by us.
(10) If customer directly contacting or separately deal with technician/vendor for any kind of service or product, “24 Seven Days” will not be responsible for any type of claim/warranty, the customer will solely will be responsible for the same.
(11) “24 Seven Days” has no affiliation with any of appliances/product manufacturer companies or brand unless such relationship is expressly specified.
(12) If customer do not choose the service date and time at the time of booking, the “24 Seven Days” will process according to its convenience.
(13) “24 Seven Days” has provided repair service within 3 hours at your location, but service may be delayed due to weather or traffic conditions.
(14) The 24 Seven Days have the right to cancel/hold/reschedule the order at any time. Due to the weather, traffic, COVID-19 or any other circumstances.
(15) The 24 Seven Days does not cover damage to any other item during repair.

We understand the value of our customer, but the customer should also take care of some points. This will help us to provide the best service.

(a) Before taking any kind of service, check out order-id process authorization of your service from the technician. they will show authorization of order.
(b) Do not pay without bill and also ensure order id should be mentions on the bill/cash memo. Order id that you have received on registered mobile number while booking.

Content Guidelines

“24SevenDays” is the sole owner of the content that has been published on the “24SevenDays.Com” website. We are free to change/alter/remove content from the site any time that we want to, without prior information.